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MISHANG Peptide Repairing Eye Mask (1 box)

Mishang Peptide Repairing Eye Mask
💧 Consists of 3 highly active polypeptide
👉Why Peptide?
“Peptides are strings of amino acids, which are the building blocks that make up proteins in our body, including collagen in the skin,” explains Dr. Whitney Bowe, renowned New York City–based dermatologist and author. “Without these proteins, we will see wrinkles, brittle nails and dry hair that’s prone to breakage.”
Peptides can be absorbed into the skin where they can be used by the body. Incorporating peptides into your skincare routine has many benefits for the skin.
Benefits of Peptides
👉Reduced wrinkles
👉More elastic skin
👉Improved skin barrier
👉Eases inflammation

MISHANG Peptide Repairing Eye Mask

Weight: 4g per pairs
Volume: 4ml x 10 pairs (1 box)
Skin Type: All Skin

1. Open the toogle clip and push the essence into application place for the eye mask along the direction of the arrow head, so that it can be absorbed after applying the eye mask.
2. Remove eye mask that has been infiltrated into the material and apply flat around the eye in need of care.
3. Take off the eye mask after 15 to 20 minutes.
4. Massage until the essence is absorbed.

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