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Oil & Water in Skincare – It’s all about balance

Oil & Water in Skincare – It’s all about balance

Our skin needs water which penetrates deep into our cellular levels to keep it hydrated. Each individual cell contains water and needs it to perform its normal functions.

Oils don't penetrate as deep, but it nourishes and protects our skin, locking in and preventing moisture loss.

Essentially what this translates to is, we need water-based products to replenish moisture, and oil-based products to lock in the moisture. Think of oils as a blanket to keep the goodness in.

This is why the essence to good skincare is getting the balance between oil and water right.

Here comes the golden question. How to get the right balance? Depending on your skin condition, you will need more of either water or oil.

The first step to getting it right, would be to understand your skin condition. Not sure how to identify this? Speak to us, we can help!

Skincare Routine

Cleanse - Yes, we consider cleansers the first step in skincare. Cleansers play an important role as we need to remove all the gunk collected on our skin, but we also do not want to strip our skin of its healthy oils. Make sure you pick one which is gentle yet does the job at cleaning out your skin.

Hydrate - Hydration refers to adding moisture back to our skin. Start with a gentle toner to prep and balance our skin. Think of a sponge. A slightly damp sponge actually absorbs more liquid and at a quicker speed as compared to a bone dry one.

Boost - Serums and oils are products that focus on delivering potent (in a good way) ingredients that will energise and nourish our skin. Serums are water-based while oils are, well, oil-based. There tends to be a fear around oils because of the worry that it might be too heavy. Truth is, yes, some oils can be too heavy for you. That said, there are still many beautiful lightweight and dry oils out there that do wonderful things for our skin.

Moisturise - Moisturise to lock it all in. Now that you have taken the time to layer on beautiful products for your skin, you need to top it off with a moisturiser to keep all the goodness in.

Voila, you're done! Skincare doesn't have to be difficult. Take it one step at a time. We're here with you on your learning journey to better skin days!

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